3 kW Screw Air Compressor

4 hp Screw Compressor

When it comes to reliable 3 kW screw air compressors (4 hp screw air compressor) MARK has just the choice for you. With a range of tank mounted screw compressors you will get access to reliable source of compressed air whenever you need it.

Plug and play for easy installation.

With compact and clever design MARK offer 3 kW air compressors that are easy to install with plug and play design. 3 kW compressors that can deliver as much as 350 l/m or 12 CFM. The compact and clever design also means easy access for service, and with longer service intervals you can keep the cost down.

3 kW air compressor that deliver the air you need

MARKs options for 3 kW screw air compressors (4 HP screw air compressor) is available in tank mounted option, with or without dryer. So if you need dry compressed air, then MARK is just the air compressor for you. With different pressure variance option available, 8 and 10 bar, this is just the 12 CFM screw air compressor that you need.

Learn more today about MARK 3 kW compressor

To learn more about our 3 kW screw compressors, or any other size in our available ranges. Contact your local MARK distributor, complete the form on this page or give us a call to order, learn more, or to find your nearest MARK re-seller.

2.2 to 15 kW screw air compressor

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