Looking for a 5.5 kW screw air compressor?

7.5 hp screw compressor

Here at MARK we know that a reliable source of compressed air is critical to many businesses. We had this in mind when designing our 5.5 kW screw compressors, to be a reliable source of compressed air along with having other ownership benefits.

Ownership benefits in mind when designing

Our 5.5 kW screw compressor (7.5 hp screw compressor) is designed with your total cost of ownership in mind. With simple plug and play installation and removable panels, easy access to parts, all make for easy service. This means lower maintenance cost and more up time for you.

Available with or without dryer

Our 5.5 kW compressors are available with or without dryer, floor or tank mounted and with a high efficiency screw element, means you have the compressed air you need at your disposal. Learn more about our 5.5 kW screw compressor today by contacting a local distributor, completing the contact form or giving us a call to find out where your nearest re-seller is located.

2.2 to 15 kW screw air compressor

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