Guide to piston compressors

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Guide to piston compressors

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A piston compressor is one of the most common forms of air compressors on the market. A piston compressor is commonly the first air compressor you might be using when starting a business or activity. It doesn’t mean that it is not filling an important part. Quite the opposite, the piston compressor is a source of pressed air for all sizes of business. So regardless of your operation size, we offer a range of piston compressors to suit your needs. Explore our range below or stay on the website to learn more about piston compressor technology.

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What is a piston compressor?

A piston compressor consists of one or more cylinders with pistons driven by a motor. The air is sucked into the cylinder and then compressed, in one or more stages to the operational pressure. After compression, the compressed air passes through the after-cooler and continues on to the air tank.

The one-stage compressor

A one-stage compressor has one or more cylinders, each of which compresses air from atmospheric pressure to operational pressure.

The multi-stage compressor

A multi-stage compressor has two or more cylinders connected in series in which air is gradually compressed to the final pressure. Between steps, the compressed air is cooled with - ambient - air. This improves efficiency while achieving a much higher pressure than from the one-stage compressor.

Application areas of piston compressors

Piston compressors are suitable for small compressed air requirements; one-stage compressors for pressures up to about 8 bar, while several stage versions can produce up to 15 bar. Operation should be intermittent. An air-cooled piston compressor’s load level must not exceed 60-70%. After 2 minutes of compression, the compressor must rest for at least 1.5 minutes. We recommend keeping the total compression time per day to approximately 4 hours.

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Let us help you select the right piston compressor for you

Our website may help you chose the best piston compressor to fit your needs. However, you might have questions about your complete installation or specific question about one of our models of piston compressors. Feel free to contact us or request a quote. You can find your nearest office contact details in our contact section.

You can browse the selection of piston compressors here on the website and explore our other products such as compressed air dryers, filtration, and condensate management products like oil-water separators.

Visit our blog if you want to learn more about piston compressors, compressed air dryers and other compressed air topics.

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