What is a line filter and how does it work?

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What is a line filter and how does it work?

When working with compressed air, air treatment is crucial to get the result you need. But what line filters do you need? And how do they all work? Find out everything you need to know here.

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What is an air line filter?

A compressed air filter or air line filter is used to filter impurities from atmospheric air, like dust, oil and moisture, to make compressed air viable for use.

Just like air dryers, they are a crucial part of the air treatment process to make sure your compressed air is clean and safe to use, and to increase your equipment’s life span.

How do compressed air filters work?

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The working principle of compressed air filters changes depending on the type of air filter you use. 

The most common air line filters and their basic working principles:

  • Particulate air filters remove dust and other particulates from the air after compression by catching and retaining them within the air compressor. They are often combined with an adsorption air dryer. 
  • Activated carbon air filters remove gases and odours from the air with a composite carbon medium. These filters are often used in the food industry and for breathing gas.
  • Coalescing air filters filter oil and water particles from the air and condense them into an easily expelled mass. Contrary to moisture separators, coalescing air filters only remove moisture and oil aerosols, not actual liquid.
  • Compressed intake air filters remove microscopic contaminants from the air, as well as possible chemical particles.

In need of some more detail? Discover everything about the different types of compressed air lines and their working principles.

How do I choose the right compressed air filter?

Choosing the right compressed air filter is an important step when optimising your air treatment system. With these tips, you’re on your way to choosing the perfect compressed air filter.

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  • Find out what type of filter best fits your goals. An auto shop will need a different quality of compressed air than a food processing business.
  • Pick the filter type you need without going overboard. Filtering the air more than you need to will not make a difference for your work, but will cost you more.
  • Finally, make sure to calculate the costs in the long run. Cheaper compressed air systems might cost less now, but you’ll end up paying a lot more in repairs, new material and replacements over the years.

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