The importance of a compressed air filter in (industrial) air compressors

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The importance of a compressed air filter in (industrial) air compressors

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We’ve already discussed the difference between a rotary screw compressor and a piston compressor. In certain industries, a regular flow of dry and/or clean air is required for particular industrial processes. That’s where a compressed air dryer or air dryer filter offer the ideal solution. In this article we discuss the specifications and precise uses of a compressed air filter. 



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Compressed air filters

Whereas compressed air dryers are used to dry air that flows through the compressor, compressed air filters are used to clean that air.

These filters can remove: 

  • oil (vapour)
  • rust
  • dirt particles
  • carbon

There are also different types of compressed air filters - sometimes installed in combination with each other. 

Type of compressed air filter: Particulate filters

1. Particulate filters

These filters specifically remove solid particles from the airflow. The filter traps and stores the different particles when the air flows through. Afterwards, the filter can be cleaned by removing the particles. It is the ‘biggest’ filter and is used at the beginning of the cycle. 

2. Coalescence filters

These compressed air filters can remove oil, oil vapour or moisture. Since the filter is still big enough, it can also remove smaller solid particles.

3. Activated carbon filters

These filters remove odors, hydrocarbons and oil vapour. First, the air goes through a particulate and/or coalescence filter. Afterwards, the activated carbon filters remove any vapour or smell.

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