What is a compressed air dryer and how does it work?

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What is a compressed air dryer and how does it work?

Compressed air dryers are crucial components in your compressed air treatment, along with other elements like air filters and oil-water separators. But what exactly is a compressed air dryer? And how does it work? That’s what you’ll learn here.

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What is a compressed air dryer?

Compressed air dryers are filtering systems that rid your compressed air of moisture created during the compression process. It makes sure that your compressed air is high-quality and free of harmful moisture that could damage your equipment or have a negative effect during use.

Compressed air filters, on the other hand, filter the air from other impurities like dust and gases.

How do compressed air dryers work?

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How your compressed air dryer works depends on the type of air dryer you have. Each uses a different technique to the same result: providing clean and dry compressed air for you to work with.

The most common compressed air dryers and their basic working principles:

  • Refrigerated air dryers are the most common type of compressed air dryer. They work by cooling the air down until the moisture condenses, extracting it from the air. They are also known as refrigerant air dryers.
  • Adsorption air dryers are usually used as a second stage dryer. They use hydrophilic substances to extract moisture from the air. Well-known sub-groups are desiccant and deliquescent air dryers.
  • Membrane air dryers contain a hydrophilic membrane for the air to pass over moisture builds up on the membrane and migrates along the length of the membrane before being expelled.

Curious for more? Discover in detail what the different types of compressed air systems are and how they work.

How do I choose the right air dryer?

When looking for an industrial air dryer, there are many different models to choose from and it’s easy to get lost. If you follow these tips, you’re on your way to the perfect air compressor and treatment for your business:

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  • Stick to the air quality you need for your business, no higher or lower.

  • Make sure you take into account the longevity of your systems. Investing in high-end systems now will cut down costs tremendously in the long run, saving time and money.

  • Get support from experts to make sure you can trust your choice.

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