Original Parts

To keep your air compressor and belonging accessory in optimal condition, trust Original Parts and Service. Original parts offer the same quality as the original equipment and professional service is carried out by factory-trained professionals.


Saving costs

Taking a risk with generic parts will increase your overall costs. Use Original Parts - save money!


Parts designed, made and qualified by your compressor manufacturer and installed by factory trained experts.

Extended lifetime

Original parts and service ensure the energy efficiency, reliability and performance you expect from the compressor.

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Line filters and separators

Line filters and separators keep the integrity of your equipment intact, protecting it from premature wear and failure.

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Compressor service kits

We offer service kits for both piston and screw compressors. These service kits contain all the Original Parts you need to service your equipment.

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AIRnet piping system

Our fast, easy and reliable piping solution supports the operational excellence of your compressed air system.

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