Using an air compressor: your practical guide

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Using an air compressor: your practical guide

If you’re in need of an air compressor for your business, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. Keep your compressor and your business going with these guidelines on how to use an air compressor.

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Installing an air compressor

air compressor installation

To be able to properly use your air compressor, be sure to carefully and methodically set it up as well. A good setup will keep your compressor running smoothly and get you the best possible compressed air.


➥ Read the step-by-step guide to air compressor setup.

Air compressor maintenance

Properly maintaining your air compressor saves time and money in the long run and provides higher quality for longer. As with most equipment, proper maintenance saves you having to replace the entire system after only a few years. It allows you to spot trouble in time and interfere by fixing or replacing defective parts.

➥ Find out how you can maintain your compressor yourself.

Buying a second-hand air compressor

Looking to save money? Interested in giving a discarded air compressor a second chance at life? It might sound like a good idea, but did you know that buying a used compressor can cost you up to 4 times more than a new one?

Moreover, it comes with a lot of safety issues that you aren’t willing to risk.

➥ Find out why you shouldn’t look for a used air compressor.

Other guides

air compressor installation

Looking for more insights? These guides will also help you successfully use your air compressor systems:

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