Over-the-air technology benefits for air compressors

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If you're running an older air compressor model, you may miss out on the latest innovations like over-the-air technology and smart monitoring and controls. Although it might seem unnecessary to operate smart equipment in your facility, you might want to consider the benefits of such features.

As we're constantly innovating to optimize peak performance and efficiency, over-the-air (OTA) updates further enhance operations. Of course, this requires Wi-Fi connectivity on your equipment. Mark offers both integrated and optional solutions to bring your facility up to speed.

Of course, OTA also benefits us, making it easier to implement updates across a wide array of machines. This process ensures all users are running the same software, simplifying maintenance processes. It's a mutually beneficial technology that allows for a better service ecosystem.

What is over-the-air technology?

OTA technology is found in most mobile and smart devices and appliances today. It simply allows manufacturers to "push" or send updates to electronic equipment. The latest software version then becomes available to download, usually containing security and performance enhancements.

In the case of air compressors, OTA updates ensure you're receiving maximum benefits from your equipment. It's also worth mentioning that we adhere to the highest cybersecurity standards. Our OTA technology uses the advanced X.509 certificate-based authentication and TLS 1.2 encrypted communication.

Considering some monitoring tools evaluate performance levels, evenly distribute air pressure workload, and detect maintenance issues, OTA updates are important.

Air compressor implementation

The latest ES4000 connect controller available for Mark MSM compressors is the first device of its type capable of receiving OTA updates. This means that after your initial investment, this equipment continues to improve over time. With the ES4000 connect, OTA is especially useful for optimizing the over 30 data points collected.

In addition, this controller comes with ICONS, allowing for mobile device connectivity. Through the related app, operators can save up to 30% on energy costs while complying with ISO 50001. With such resources at your fingertips, you'll want the latest software running at all times.

Maximizing uptime

One of the main benefits of OTA technology is that software typically downloads in the background. This allows you to choose the best moment for installation. Many auto manufacturers, including Tesla, implement OTA updates this way. In these cases, OTA helps drivers visit the dealership less for maintenance concerns while minimizing driver disruption.

This principle applies to air compressors, where the goal of the ES4000 connect is to empower operators to make better-informed decisions. Similarly, it's not meant to be a full replacement for routine maintenance but to pinpoint areas of concern to save time and money. The goal of OTA updates is to maximize workflow.

How OTA works

We've touched a little on how over-the-air technology works in the introduction, but it's useful to go a little deeper. Essentially, each OTA-capable device has a unique microchip identifier, enabling manufacturers to send appropriate software to the relevant equipment. In the case of smart factories running multiple Internet of Things (IoT) devices, this is especially useful.

Since this is all handled on the cloud, we've made sure to address security concerns, as pointed out. This is especially relevant, as OTA updates are meant to combat vulnerabilities as well as provide necessary performance enhancements. With this technology constantly improving, safeguarding remains a top priority.

We're here to help

We hope this article helps you understand how OTA plays a role in modern compressed air systems. As mentioned in the introduction, you may benefit from upgrading your system to receive the best in performance and uptime.

With the ES4000 connect, there's a wide range of benefits available on select Mark models, including efficiency improvements. In some cases, it might be more cost-effective to replace your equipment with the latest Mark machines.

If you're uncertain about what makes the most sense for your current setup, our team is happy to guide you through options. Feel free to get in touch today to future-proof your facility. 

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