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with over 70 years of experience in piston design and manufacturing, Mark sets a very high standard when it comes to quality and reliability.

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A piston compressor is one of the most common forms of air compressors on the market. A piston compressor is commonly the first air compressor you might be using when starting a business or activity. It doesn’t mean that it is not filling an important part. Quite the opposite, the piston compressor is a source of pressed air for all sizes of business. So regardless of your operation size, we offer a range of piston compressors to suit your needs. Explore our range below or stay on the website to learn more about piston compressor technology.

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Bluewind Series - Direct-driven piston compressor

    The BLUEWIND piston range has been developed to ensure quality, reliability and efficiency for semi-professional applications requiring standard duty and occasional use of compressed air. Portable or mobile, they can easily fit in a car and will give full satisfaction to hobbyists, craftsmen and artisans. BLUEWIND is the range that meets all your air requirements.

Blue wind
CleanAIR CNR - Oil-free piston compressor

    Designed with premium quality components and for heavy duty use, the new CleanAIR CNR offers 100% oil-free air for a range of industrial applications. Thanks to its smart design, low energy consumption and minimal maintenance requirements, cost and environmental impact are kept at a minimum.

CleanAIR CNR75
Fonostop Series - Belt-driven piston compressor

    The silenced FONOSTOP piston compressors are the perfect choice for indoor installations. Thanks to their low residual noise level, these piston compressors can be installed near the workplace which reduces the length of your piping system as well as the related pressure drop. The FONOSTOP range consists of high-quality components and user-friendliness design which ensures maximal user comfort and easy maintenance.

Stormy Pro Series - Belt-driven piston compressor

    STORMY PRO is an evolution of our belt driven professional piston compressors that brings even more features and efficiency to our product offer. This range consists of single and two stage designs. STORMY PRO piston range ensures important benefits such as low noise levels and improved user comfort. It also reduces working temperatures and mechanical wear and increases reliability.


    The BSTAIR 15-20 single stage boosters are designed with the highest requirements for reliability and low maintenance costs. Air and nitrogen boosters are widely used in different industrial applications with outlet pressures of up to 40 bar.

bstAIR 15-20

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Our website may help you chose the best piston compressor to fit your needs. However, you might have questions about your complete installation or specific question about one of our models of piston compressors. Feel free to contact us or request a quote. You can find your nearest office contact details in our contact section.

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