The Perfect solution for small businesses !

Easy to use, efficient and reliable, the MSM Maxi 5.5-15 is characterized by new designed highly performant air ends, generating more air and consuming less power. The range is available in several configurations: basemounted, tank-mounted with or without dryer and represents a complete and compact solution, easy to install and to maintain, quiet and user-friendly!

MSM MAXI group

Legendary reliability

Built with first-class components. New generation of rotary screw element allows you to work on 100% continuous duty cycles and very hard working conditions.

ES4000 Basic Controller

ES4000 Basic controller with icon based display offers features such as pressure reading and setting, service warnings, temperature reading, failure alarms, automatic restart after power failure, running hours, loaded hours… all to make user’s life easier and friendlier.

Easy maintenance and accessibility

All service components are located at the front of the machine for excellent accessibility. The roof panel is the main service door that enables easy replacement of filters, air/oil separators, thermostatic.

Cost efficiency

Low energy consumption, thanks to reputed IE3 Motors and advanced screw compressor element. High performing lubrication and cooling systems.

Technical specifications   
Installed motor Power 5.5-15 kW / 7.5-20 HP 
Working Pressure  8-10-13 bar 
Capacity FAD  697 -1860 l/min
Noise level 64-71 dB(A)

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