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Discover the world of compressed air technology and find answers to all your compressed air related questions in our expert blog posts.

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Discover the world of compressed air technology

Would you like to delve into the world of compressors and compressed air technology? In MARK’s compressed air blog, you’ll find industry news, updates on the latest applications and innovations, and other useful information about air compressors.

With MARK as your partner in compressed air, you’ll get more than just innovative products. You’ll also get outstanding service, starting with this blog. We share useful tips and tricks for you to implement in your business.

Browse through our blog posts and learn everything you need to know about the existing technologies, working principles of screw and piston compressors and various applications.

Our expert articles will help you choose the right systems for your business needs, guiding you in choosing your piston compressor or screw compressor as well as our range of compressed air treatment solutions such as air dryers and filters.

Looking for some tailored advice after exploring the compressed air blog? Feel free to reach out to one of our experts for more information and customised advice.

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