Lower total cost of ownership

Reduced service time, Reliable original parts quality

Easy to install

Multiple condensate lines can be connected in one product

Environmentally conscious

Can remove free oil as well as stable emulsions

Reliable, clean and cost effective condensate treatment solutions

All compressor condensate usually contains trace amounts of oil. Accordingly, it's common in most cases to comply with local rules which requires a maximum oil content before condensate to be fed into the regular sewer system.

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Effective Condensate treatment systems

Oil-water separators play an essential role in the systems where Oil injected screw compressors are deployed. For all of their benefits, oil-injected compressors have a slight drawback: they generate a condensate that includes traces of oil, as a byproduct Through different filters and filtration media, Our oil water separators effectively remove the oil from the water so that it can then be safely and properly disposed of

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Key Benefits

Simpler, less messy operation

Innovative cartridges make oil-water separation easier and cleaner

Plug and Play concept

our oil water separators are easy to install and wall mount is available as optional

Extremely clean wastewater

High purity with oil content as low as 5 ppm at outlet and Compliant with strictest regulations

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