Compact size and easy installation

Compatibility with all compressor technologies and easy to install in an existing compressed air system using the accessories available

Effective filtering and minimum pressure drop

Thanks to improved fiber filling and triple filtering function

Condensate discharge

Efficient automatic and manual drains

Reliable and durable components

Anodic oxidation significantly extends the life-span of filter housing

Efficient line filters for reliable protection of your compressed air network

Allowing unclean or contaminated compressed air to enter your air network poses several risks. In almost all applications, this can cause a considerable decrease in performance as well as an increase in maintenance costs, both related to actual repairs as well as a loss in productivity. Mark’s innovative filters are engineered to cost effectively provide the best air quality and meet today’s ever increasing quality demands. They are fully developed and tested according to ISO standards.

Mark NG Filter _ Pan-Asia (2023)

Pure compressed air according to ISO standard

Contaminated air in a compressed air line can lead to a significant reduction in equipment efficiency, its wear, corrosion and leaks. Mark offers a complete series of high-performance line filters to ensure removal of all types of impurities to improve the quality of compressed air and to protect your equipment.

Depending on the application and the specified purity needed, we offer filters with filtration grades from 3 to 0.01 micron, capable of providing any required air purity in accordance with ISO 8573 and ISO 12500 for flow rates from 720 to 40.500 l/min.

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Key Benefits

Flexible installation

The filters can easily be installed both in new or existing compressed air installations, available in 1/8” to 3” threaded BSP and NPT port sizes and flow rates from 10-2550 m3/h (6 - 1500 scfm.)

Energy efficiency

MARK air line filters are designed to optimize air flow, leading to a reduction in differential pressure and a strong increase in energy efficiency.

Reliable filtration

A unique, in-house design protects your air quality by guaranteeing a reliable and efficient filtration process.

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Product Features

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Double O-ring leak free design
O-rings ensure proper sealing
to reduce leakage risks and
 increase energy savings

Increased user-friendliness
and reliability via push-on element

Enhanced glass fiber media
To ensure high filter efficiency ,
 low pressure drop and
guaranteed life performance

Mark NG filter family _ Pan-Asia (2023)

Robust construction

Internal ribs support
the element and facilitate
the route of oil droplets

Dust Filter
Open foam acts as ore-filter 
for larger dust particles

High performance stainless steel filter
core ensures ultimate strength a
nd low risk of implosion

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