Plug and play

One stop installation provides total solution for customers application.

Easy serviceability

Design in quick service access and easy maintenance.

Easy installation

Compared with traditional split type air compressor, the integrated air compressor is simpler in installation process, reducing the installation workload and the required piping work.


Compact compressed air solution which help save indoor space

The air compressor, air storage tank, cold dryer, and filter are organically combined into a whole, with a small size and convenient movement. It is suitable for special sites or environments that require frequent movement due to site and space limitations. In addition, the integrated pipeline system greatly reduces pressure loss and ensures the quality of directly discharged air.      

Greatly improve the application efficiency

The integrated electric control box simultaneously controls the compression system and the drying system, greatly improving the application efficiency, and is different from similar products without centralized control system is not a real integrated screw compressor

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Key Benefits

Cost saving

Complete system, no additional storage tank, no connection pipe installation cost.

Indoor space saving

Screw compressor, refrigerant dryer and air receiver combination design for convenience the 1 station installation. Indoor space saving, compact compressed air system.


Equipped with high-efficiency air-cooled permanent magnet variable frequency motor, it can operate reliably under high temperature conditions.

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South East Asia

Representative-Samer Baninaser

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Technical Specifications

Compressor type Working pressure Capacity FAD Motor power Noise level
  Bar m3/min l/s       cfm     kW  hp  dB(A)
MSS7.5 TMDD 8 1.05 18 37 7.5 10 66
10 0.85 14 30
MSS11 TMDD 8 1.6 27 58 11 15 72
10 1.4 23 48
MSS15 TMDD 8 2.0 33 70 15 20 73
10 1.8 31 65
MSS7.5 PM TMDD 7 0.28-1.06 4.6-17.6 10-37 7.5 10 68
10 0.29-0.88 4.8-14.7 10-31
MSS11 PM TMDD 7 0.45-1.55 7.5-25.8 16-55 11 15 69
10 0.32-1.29 5.3-21.5 11-46
MSS15 PM TMDD 7 0.6-2.1 10.4-34.8 22-74 15 20 70
10 0.6-1.7 10.0-27.7 21-59









MSS7.5 TMDD 1547 650 1473
MSS11/15 TMDD 1537 650 1430
MSS7.5/11/15 PM TMDD 1883 740 1769

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Product Features

1 station total solution advantage

Total solution installation

  • Screw compressor, refrigerant dryer, 500L air receiver combination design for convenience the 1 station installation.

Simply operation

  • Plug and play 
  • Friendly operation and quick service
  • Quick technical support standby



Profession compressed air flow

  • Compressed air from screw compressor through to air receiver for 1st step condensation removement, well reduce the burden on refrigerant dryer for ensuring compressed air dryness supply to end instrument.

Compact layout

  • Minimum foot-print design satisfy limit operation space installation

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