A Complete Solution

• Very compact all in one design • Base mounted unit requires less than a square meter • Available on air receiver • Also with dryer and filters if needed • Full protected for transport • No special foundation required • Very low vibration and noise level • Easily installed inside the workshop, very close to the air usage point

Legendary Reliability

• Robust and reliable design • Built with first-class components • New generation of rotary screw element allows you to work on 100% continuous duty cycles and very hard working conditions • An oversized ventilation ensures low internal temperatures, making your compressor live better and longer • The complete unit is designed to operate at ambient temperatures up to 115 º F

Easy Maintenance & Accessibility

• All service components located at the front of the machine for excellent accessibility • All service components strategically located for excellent accessibility • Oil-level sight glass at the front, visible without removing any panel • Easy and quick check thanks to the controller • Service and cleaning is a one person job

The Perfect Solution For Small Businesses

Compressed air drives most of the businesses, consequently choosing the right compressor is one of the most important decisions your company can make. Our MSU range is a robust and reliable belt driven oil-injected screw compressor - a firstclass product that can be easily equipped with an air receiver, a refrigerant dryer, pre and post filters, offering you a compact and complete solution for your business.

The MSU legendary reputation was built throughout the years based on MARK’s constant investment in new technologies and quality improvement, being today a safe choice that you will never regret..

Technology You Can Trust

Bring fresh air into your company and enjoy the performance, simplicity and the reliability that only MARK can offer.

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Key Benefits

An All-In-One Solution

Save space and money with tank mounted installations including dryer and filters. The complete solution not only saves costs on installation, but also reduces the risk of air leakages in your workshop.

Comfortably Quiet

The MSU 11-20 was built to be installed and used right where you need it: on your shop floor. That is why we made the unit extra quiet. With a sound level as low as 66 dB(A), the MSU is comparable to a household appliance.

High Quality Air Delivery

Units built on air receivers can be equipped with an air treatment package complete with a refrigerant dryer. This air treatment package guarantees dry and very clean air, perfect for the most demanding applications.

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Compressor type Maximum working pressure Flow Motor power Noise level Weight (lbs.)
  psi cfm hp dB(A) Base Mounted Tank Mounted Tank Mounted w/ Dryer
MSU 11 116 37.5 10 66 375 589 661
145 33.9
MSU 15 116 51.9 15 68 408 622 694
145 45.1
MSU 20 116 61.2 20 71 441 655 728
145 60.4




Length (In.)

Width (In.)

Height (In.)

 Base Mounted




Tank Mounted




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Product Features

MSU 11-20 HP

Easy to use, efficient and reliable, the MSU range meets the compressed air demands of tire shops, paint shops, car dealers, maintenance shops, small industries in general.


Built To Last

Built for 100% continuous duty cycle. Designed to operate at ambient temperatures up to 115º F. An oversized ventilation ensures low internal temperatures, making your compressor live better and longer.


IE3 Efficiency Low energy consumption, thanks to reputed IE3 Motors and advanced screw compressor element.


Intelligent Control The ES 4000 Basic Controller offers advanced monitoring and simple day-to-day configuration and control for your operation.



Versatile Available in Base mounted or tank mounted , with or without dryer and filters, the MSU is a complete solution for your business.

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