Original compressor filters and separators

Always use original filters and separators for optimal protection and performance of your equipment.

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High protection

High-quality filtration and separation protects component lifetime and air quality.

High reliability

Designed for the demanding operating conditions of a compressor.

Energy efficiency

Low pressure drop is key to minimize energy consumption.

Working with top air quality

Dust and other contaminants, however small, are a threat to your compressed air system. Filters have the delicate role of preventing these particles from entering the air and oil circuit without causing any side-effects or pressure drops. Another vital part of the compression process is separating the oil from the compressed air, ensuring air quality and reliable operation.

Generic won’t work

Generic filters and separators are developed with broad specifications to suit various types of equipment. Installed in your compressor, they may cause serious problems. They may be ineffective to stop contaminants from entering vital components, causing wear and damage. They may cause pressure drops, increasing energy consumption. Or they might simply fail, as they are not designed for the demanding working conditions of your compressor.

Designed for your compressed air system

Original filters and separators have many features that are specifically designed for your compressed air system. A large surface area of high-quality filter material effectively keeps contaminants out. A strong build withstands high pressures and temperatures. The bypass valve of Original oil filters ensures uninterrupted oil supply to the compressor element, while built-in grounding prevents the buildup of static electricity in the oil separator.