Saving costs

Taking a risk with generic parts will increase your overall costs. Use Original Parts - save money!


Parts designed, made and qualified by your compressor manufacturer and installed by factory trained experts.

Extended lifetime

Original parts and service ensure the energy efficiency, reliability and performance you expect from the compressor.

Find out why Original Parts are better than generic ones


Despite the wide offer of so many lubricants, we offer genuine lubricants for screw and piston compressors. Perfect lubrication means higher performance, lower costs and less chance of breakdown.

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Original filters and separators

Original filters and separators keep the integrity of your equipment intact, protecting it from premature wear and failure.

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Line filter elements

Our range of line filters assures high-output filtration and perfect clean air. As with all kinds of filters, elements get saturated in the course of time. In order to keep assuring the clean air output, elements should be exchanged on a regular basis as mentioned in the maintenance schedules and ought to be replaced by original parts!

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Compressor service kits

We offer service kits for both piston and screw compressors. These service kits contain all the Original Parts you need to service your equipment.

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Condensate treatment kits

The filters in the FOD condensate treatment saturate in the course of time. In summer the saturation time is shorter than in winter when there is less moisture in the air. We offer three types of service kits for easy maintenance of your oil-water separator, depending on the service interval.

Adsorption dryer kits

In case there is an adsorption dryer in your compressed air installation, keep in mind that the filters and desiccant inside should be exchanged regularly in order to keep the correct degree of adsorption and filtration. We offer complete and most efficient maintenance kits for each type of adsorption dryers.

AIRnet piping system

Our fast, easy and reliable piping solution supports the operational excellence of your compressed air system.

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