Original elements for line filters in compressed air installations

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High air quality

High quality filtration guarantees efficient removal of contaminants.

Built to last

Long lifetime is guaranteed. Thanks to sturdy, corrosion-free design and high temperature tolerance.


Original elements' design helps to avoid pressure drop and wasted energy.

Optimal performance

Original line filters remove tiny oil particles from the air exiting your compressor, as well as water condensate resulting from the high compression temperatures. This protects your production equipment and end products. Original line filters offer durability while keeping your compressor’s performance intact.

No failures or repairs

Some generic line filters may seem cheaper but will ultimately cost more. Inefficient filtration may cause problems with equipment and products downstream, but there is more. Water condensate may cause a low-quality filter to corrode and clog. This generates a higher load on your compressor, causing wear, element failure and expensive repairs.

Original line filters last longer

The multiple filtration layers of original line filters optimize oil removal while minimizing pressure drop. Original line filters live longer, thanks to a high temperature tolerance, as well as stainless steel end caps and cores to prevent corrosion. This avoids high differential pressure and protects the lifetime of your compressor.