4 kW screw air compressor by MARK

5.5 hp screw compressor

If you are looking for a 4 kW screw air compressor (5.5 hp screw compressor), then give MARK your full attention. Here at MARK Compresses we have a range of options to suit your requirements. Our tank and floor mounted 4 kW screw compressors are available with or without dryer.

Clever design and easy maintenance

Our 4 kW screw compressors are cleverly designed with a high efficiency screw element, means you get the compressed there you require when you need it. Designed with ease of maintenance in mind, our screw compressors have very few panels needing to be removed when requiring maintenance. All components are strategically placed to make maintenance and service as easy as possible. This all adds up to great ownership benefits and peace of mind.

Explore our 4 kW compressors today

So you looking for a 4 kW screw air compressor? Look no further! Contact MARK compressors today, speak with your nearest distributor or contact us using the form to learn more, or to find your nearest re-seller.

2.2 to 15 kW screw air compressor

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