111 to 160 kW Screw compressors

RMF 151 - 220 HP

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Top reliability

The RMF 111-160 series was designed to dependably deliver premium-quality air in just about any conditions. The new industrial compressors from Mark perform reliably in ambient temperatures of up to 46°C. To further increase reliability, the range features an IP66-rated drive train that keeps out dust and moisture.

Maintenance made easy

The RMF 111-160 range does not require a lot of maintenance. However, when these industrial compressors do have to be serviced, Mark makes it as effortless as possible. That is why the compressors have easy-to-remove panels that provide quick access to all mechanical and electrical components.

Outstanding user-friendliness

It is not just the performance of the RMF 111-160 compressors that stands out but also their ease of operation. They come with an intuitive ES4000T controller that includes many system management and monitoring options. Its touch screen keeps you informed with updates and service alerts that allow you to address issues before they become problems.

Tremendous efficiency

The new industrial compressors from Mark are built for efficiency. That includes a new screw element which not only reduces the total cost of ownership of the RMF 111-160 series, but also their emissions.

The Mark RMF 111-160 kW industrial compressor: Reliable, efficient and user-friendly

The best compressors are those you never have to worry about. Like clockwork, they faultlessly supply your production system with quality air. And that’s exactly what the new RMF 111-160 kW series from Mark does. These industrial compressors are a masterclass in dependability, ease-of-use and efficiency.

Perhaps best of all, they allow you to focus on what you do best without having to be concerned about your compressed air supply.

Fixed-speed or Variable speed drive: pick the model that will get your job done

The RMF 111-160 range features two different models to guarantee that your new industrial compressor will meet your needs. If you require a stable air supply, then the fixed-speed RMF 111-160 is likely the ideal choice. For applications with a fluctuating air demand, the RMF 111-160 IVR with a variable speed drive is the perfect solution. It can generate energy savings of up to 30% for an optimized cost of ownership.

If you are not certain which RMF 111-160 is best for you, just contact us now. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our new industrial compressors or any other Mark products.

Technical specifications   
Installed motor power 111 - 160kW/ 151 - 220 HP
Working pressure 4-10, 7 - 13 Bar
Capacity FAD 251.9 - 501.8 l/s
Noise level 77 - 78 Db