Why you shouldn't buy a second-hand air compressor: the hidden costs and risks

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Buying a second-hand air compressor can be tempting, especially when you encounter a great sale. Or is it? Used air compressors hold hidden costs and even high risks to your safety that just aren't worth it. Find out why it's so dangerous and why you should opt for a new high-end compressor.

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Why you should avoid second-hand air compressors

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Second-hand air compressors might seem like a good idea at first, but there are a lot of factors to take into account. Without knowing the maintenance history, you can never be sure of the state of the compressor. If the compressor looks suspicious, it probably is. 

One of the biggest risks is that you are buying a unit that has had major repair work or has become a work in progress. Moreover, air compressors of any age are likely to have been contaminated with dirt, so it is difficult to determine whether it has had regular maintenance.

You run the risk of:

  • Needing constant replacement parts, which costs money and slows down production
  • Producing lower quality compressed air
  • Running into leaks
  • Discovering hidden electrical problems
  • Costing you more in energy consumption due to outdated technology

Besides costing you money, these factors also result in safety risks.

  • Electrical dangers like exposed or aged wiring can short circuit the system and are highly dangerous to the touch
  • Corrosion - for instance caused by a leak - potentially cause explosions

Hidden costs that come with second-hand air compressors

If you opt to buy a second-hand compressor, you will be paying far more than the cost of a new air compressor. Second-hand models will cost you up to 4 times more for a less durable or safe alternative. The same goes for refurbished compressors.

Not only are replacement parts often more difficult to find for older models, chances are you’ll have to resort to off-brand parts, which are never the same high quality.

The benefits of buying a new high-end air compressor

For every downside to buying a used air compressor, there are, of course, upsides to a brand new one:

  • Installing a new air compressor is easier since it comes with documentation
  • New compressors are manufactured using the highest quality and most modern materials and technologies
  • The aluminium case, belts, and screw element used to manufacture new air compressors all undergo an extensive quality control process and are of the latest design

You’ll benefit from the latest developments in air compression technology, meaning you’ll be able to use your compressor for far longer and with fewer costs.

Moreover, you can also count on expert services to support you from selection to installation with new air compressors, which can’t be said for second-hand alternatives.


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