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As part of any compressed air installation, it's critical to consider the complete compressed air system's air quality, including moister. If you do not consider how to manage moister in your compressed air system, you will encounter problems with condensate and water in the piping network. Mark compressor has a range of compressed air dryer solutions to choose from, including refrigerant dryer and desiccant dryers.

Ensuring that you have the right pressure dew point in your compressed air installation is critical to ensure your products' quality and protect your piping system and end equipment. How does condensate come in my compressed air? It has to do with several factors; firstly, when air is compressed, the ambient condensate cannot be compressed and becomes liquefied, and as a result, the relative humidity of compressed air will go up.

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ADS Series - Desiccant dryer

    The ADS adsorption dryers will eliminate water vapour that may potentially condensate in your compressed air system and cause damage. These dryers use an adsorption material called “desiccant” in order to absorb and remove the humidity from the compressed air.

Mark Desiccant dryer
Cool MK Series - Refrigerated dryer

    Wear and corrosion threaten your air distribution network. Our COOL-MK range of refrigeration dryers keeps your compressed air system in optimal shape. This range offers reliable components that are simple to install and easy to operate.

Mark Cool range group
MDX Series - Refrigerated dryer

    The inlet air of a compressor contains humidity and contaminants like dust, oil, etc. By cooling down the compressed air, a refrigerant dryer removes the largest part of the water content. Our MDX range ensures high quality dry air, increasing efficiency and productivity as well as the life span of your equipment and tools.

Mark E11

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Why do I need an air dryer for my compressor?

If you do not have a compressed air dryer for your system, you will inevitably damage your tools using the compressed air. Some applications require drier air than others, and therefore special consideration will have to be taken in selecting the right compressed air dryer solution.

When air enters the air compressor, we know that it contains relative humidity from the ambient environment. If this is not taken care of, it could damage your equipment using the compressed air.

So what options are available for drying your compressed air? Mark compressor has a range of refrigerant compressed air dryers and membrane dryers to choose from. It means that there is a solution for you, depending on what PDP you need for your application. You can explore the range on this page, and if you need further help to understand more about types of refrigerated dryers or membrane dryers, contact one of our compressed air specialists.

Can I use a refrigerated air dryer with a variable speed compressor?

Of course, you can use a refrigerant dryer with a variable speed screw compressor. Regardless if your air compressor is a fixed speed or a variable speed, it produces condensate as it compresses the air. Ensure that you dry the compressed air from your energy-efficient variable-speed compressor; using a correctly sized compressed air dryer. But let us help you find a suitable dryer for your installation.

It is also important to understand how you are using your compressed air to select the correct dryer for your installation. will you require a stable dewpoint as part of your operations? These types of questions and requirements impact what type of compressed air dryer you will need for your installation.

Let us help you select the right compressed air dryer for you

Buying a screw compressor or even a piston compressor can be a significant investment for a small business. It can also be a complicated purchase as it's imperative to select the right equipment for your application. Choosing the right compressor can be challenging, and you also need to consider how you will dry the compressed air.

Making a correct choice for your business can be very difficult. Therefore it is good to know that there is always someone there to help. You can contact one of our compressed air specialists or one of our distributors to help you, every step of the way, selecting the perfect air compressor as well as the correct compressor air dryer to go with it.

If you are not sure if you need a refrigerant dryer or a desiccant dryer to go with your compressed air installation, asking for advice from one of your Mark compressed air specialists is the right way forward. Complete the form here or find more contact details in the contact section. 

Visit our blog if you want to learn more about compressed air dryers and other compressed air topics.

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