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Using a water separator for air compressors

We’ve already told you about oil-free air compressors and air dryers . But apart from oil, it’s also possible to separate your compressed air from any water particles or moisture. This is useful in several sectors and applications. Read all about it!

Why is there moisture in my air compressor?

Air naturally contains (barely noticeable) moisture. By compressing it, that moisture gets released. In the long run, that might damage the piping of your air compressor or the air itself. Especially in sectors like pharmaceuticals and food processing, but also the automotive industry, it’s important to have clean and dry air. Otherwise you run the risk of contamination or oxidation.

What is a water separator for air compressors?

Mark Water Separator

A water separator (or filter dryer) on your air compressor is designed to remove all the moisture ( and other possible contaminants) from the compressed air. That way you’re sure you’ll have a clean and dry end-product. These water separator work by a centrifugal or coalescing principle. The first one works through a rotary motion that forces the water particles out of the compressed air. The second one uses a very fine filter: all the liquid comes together in droplets that get drained away eventually.

Why is a water separator important?

The specific process of compressing the air produces water vapour. This moisture might be damaging on your compressor systems as well as the air itself or the process the air will be used in. In lots of sectors it’s impossible to use contaminated or moist air.

Air dryers

Another option to eradicate moisture particles or contaminants are air dryers. There are four different types:

  1. Chemical compressed air dryers
  2. Refrigerating compressed air dryers
  3. Desiccant compressed air dryers
  4. Membrane compressed air dryers

Want to get to know more about air dryers? We've written an article about it!

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