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Selecting the right compressor filter for your air system

Here at Mark compressors, we offer a complete solution for your compressed air installation. It includes the filtration you need for your compressed network. On this page, you can explore the options for compressed air filtration. 

Everybody knows that compressed air filters are an essential part of your installation; however, this is often an afterthought when planning your air compressor purchase. It doesn't have to be; speak with one of our compressed air experts today. When thinking of your air treatment needs, you need to consider your air dryer and your filtration. Here at Mark compressors, we have designed a range of line filters to help you manage your different contaminants.

Explore our range of compressed Air Filters

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MLF- G,C,V Series - Compressed air line filter

    Contaminated air in a compressed air line can lead to a significant reduction in equipment efficiency, its wear, corrosion and leaks. Mark offers a complete series of high-performance line filters to ensure removal of all types of impurities to improve the quality of compressed air and to protect your equipment.

Mark NG filter family _ Pan-Asia (2023)

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Complete your air installation with a compressed air filter

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When looking at your complete installation, the air compressor air filter is, along with your air dryer, one of the critical accessories to factor in in the complete installation. With the right selected compressor and the optimal installation, you can ensure you keep your pressure drop to a minimum to guarantee your compressed air equipment is efficiently set-up. However, you can contact one of our compressed air experts for help and advice getting a suitable installation for you. 

If your focus is on energy costs and how to keep costs under control, perhaps you should consider a variable speed compressor from Mark with an integrated compressed dryer and air filter. However, sometimes this is not the most practical way, or there might be other reasons why this is not possible. Then you must consider external filters as part of your compressed air installation.

Looking after your compressed air filters

With a focus on quality and performance, our air filtration is built to last. With the right service plan and timely filter elements change, you will get the most out of your equipment. You can learn more about our spare parts and service offers on this website, or you can complete a form to get in touch with your nearest service expert.

Remember, no air compressor installation is complete without a compressed air dryer; you can explore the range on this page. You also need to make sure you consider your oil water separator to make sure that you comply with your local regulation regarding condensate from your air compressor.

Not sure which compressed air filter you need? Don't worry; get in touch with Mark compressors today to talk about your specific circumstances and help us find the right air filter and compressor and air dryer so that you can get your business running as well as it possibly can.

Visit our blog if you want to learn more about screw compressors, compressed air dryers and other compressed air topics.

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