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With years of experience in the manufacturing of air solutions and treatment, Mark is the brand you can turn to get the help you need with your compressed air. Regardless if you need to run air tools, a car workshop or a major factory, we have the right solution to fit your needs.

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Mark has years of experience in compressed air technology and wants to provide high quality products for your compressed air system. Our complete product range ensures we can offer solutions for all your specific air demands. 

Our product range includes screw compressors, piston compressors, air filters, air dryers and condensate management products to complete your installation. Mark always has the right air product for your specific application. 

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Screw Compressors

Find the suitable rotary screw air compressor for your operations. Mark compressors has a wide range of oil-injected rotary screw compressor options to suit your business needs. From small installation right up to large industrial installations. Regardless of what type of compressor you need, we have options to match your requirements.

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Piston Compressors

A piston compressor is one of the most common forms of air compressors on the market. A piston compressor is commonly the first air compressor you might be using when starting a business or activity. It doesn’t mean that it is not filling an important part. Quite the opposite, the piston compressor is a source of pressed air for all sizes of business. So regardless of your operation size, we offer a range of piston compressors to suit your needs. 

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Air filters

When thinking of your air treatment needs, you need to consider your filtration. Here at Mark compressors, we have designed a range of line filters to help you manage your different contaminants. So regardless if you're looking for or a coalescing filter, water-vapor filter, oil vapor filter, we have an option that will suit your requirements. 

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Air dryers

As part of any compressed air installation, it's critical to consider the complete compressed air system's air quality, including moister. If you do not consider how to manage moister in your compressed air system, you will encounter problems with condensate and water in the piping network. Mark compressor has a range of compressed air dryer solutions to choose from, including refrigerant dryer and desiccant dryers.

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Condensate management

Condensate management products like drain valves, oil-water separators and automatic valves are often the last thing on your mind. They are minor physical parts in the complete installation, but they are critical to consider. We aim to provide you with everything you need for a complete compressed air installation. Here at Mark compressors, we offer you condensate management options like this to complete your compressed air installation.

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