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Find the suitable rotary screw air compressor for your operations. Mark compressors have a wide range of oil-injected rotary screw compressor options to suit your business needs. From small installation right up to large industrial installations. Regardless of what type of compressor you need, we have options to match your requirements. 

With years of experience in the manufacturing of screw type air compressors, Mark is the brand you can turn to get the help you need with your compressed air. Regardless if you need to run air tools, a car workshop or a major factory, we have the right solution to fit the needs.

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MSM IVR Series - IVR Technology Belt driven screw compressor

Experience the industry's gold standard in energy-efficient and reliable compressors with variable speed drive (VSD) technology. Mark's MSM 2.2-7 IVR range brings these benefits to workshops and operations with limited compressed air needs, making efficiency accessible to all.

Mark MSM IVR small vsd compressor 2-7kW
MSS PM series - Direct-driven screw compressor

The new MSS PM series closely follows the air demand by automatically adjusting the motor speed. Combined with the innovative design of its direct driven transmission, this results in significant energy savings and decreasing lifecycle costs.

MSS22 PM image right side
MSS Series - Belt-driven screw compressor

The compact and efficient MSS oil-injected screw compressor range ensures an optimized operating flow. This range of highly performing screw compressors provides a smart choice for high reliability. Equipped with an in-house belt drive system, this series guarantees easy maintenance and installation as well as user-friendly low noise operations.

MSS45 image_Pan-Asia (2023)
MSS TMDD series - screw compressor

The air compressor, air storage tank, cold dryer, and filter are organically combined into a whole, with a small size and convenient movement. It is suitable for special sites or environments that require frequent movement due to site and space limitations. In addition, the integrated pipeline system greatly reduces pressure loss and ensures the quality of directly discharged air.

MSS 11 TMDD side

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Check out the FAQ for more information on screw compressors:

How does a screw compressor work?

How a screw compressor works is a common question we get. 

The working principle of a screw compressor is that it has two rotors, a male and a female, that rotate in opposite directions. The rotors trap air between them, and as the air is forced upwards, it is compressed. That is the basic working principle of a screw compressor. To learn more, read our blog on what is a screw compressor. 

Should I get a screw or a piston compressor?

Whether to get a screw or a piston compressor for your business or process depends on what you need your compressed air for, how much air you need and how often you need to use it. A piston compressor might suffice as a general guide for smaller applications with infrequent use, but a screw compressor is typically more helpful for more consistent demand.

Unlike most pistons, a rotary screw compressor has a 100% duty cycle, which means that it can have the compressor running continuously for more extended periods without stopping (of course, you need to size your compressor right in the first place). Screw compressors typically operate at lower noise levels than a reciprocating piston compressor. Our blog has an air compressor guide to help you better understand the right choice for you.

How to size a compressor?

Sizing your rotary compressor is dependent on what you will use the compressed air for. There are many factors to take into consideration.

For example, the application it is used for, and how far from the point of use the compressor is located. But it is also essential to consider the future of your business and operation, perhaps you are looking to expand in the near future, and it could be worth considering this when you size it. You can learn more about how to size your compressor in our blog section.

How to select the right screw compressor?

There are many types of compressor options to choose from; it is crucial to consider the size you will need as the size will relate to what volumes of air you need for your operations. You should consider the pressure you need for your application and if there needs to be a storage tank (also known as an air receiver) to manage your demand for compressed air. When selecting the right screw compressor, you also need to consider if you need a fixed or variable speed drive.

Also, consider the service and operation of a compressor and what it might mean to your business. Do you have enough resources? Do you have the proper service contracts in place? The best step is to speak to a compressed air expert first.

What is the price of a screw compressor?

When buying a new screw compressor, it is easy to start with the price, but the best might be to consider the cost over the total life of the compressor. Owning a compressor can be like owning a car; regular service is needed, and it uses energy to run. So taking the time to explore the options, including variable speed compressors, can be the best deal in the long run. Contact one of the experts to get help to work out the best compressor option for your unique situation.

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