Our drains are perfect at their job of preventing the effects of corrosion and prolonging the life of your air compressor.

Cost & energy saving

No costs for condensate cleaning, storage & transportation.

Best in class Air treatment

MARK's drain valves are designed and developed with the best in class product quality

Wide range of reliable, clean and cost-effective industrial condensate treatment solutions.

An air compressor increases the pressure some of the moisture drops out in water molecules. Also, as the air is cooled back down to ambient temperature, the water vapor condenses into liquid and more moisture drops out.

Water in your compression chamber will soon lead to serious problems, especially rust and corrosion. Left unchecked, such corrosion will eat right through the sidewall of your air receiver. Excessive water may also cause your compressor’s air dryers to become overloaded and to stop functioning properly. All this leads to moisture downstream, causing excessive wear on tools and other air-operated equipment.

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In order to prevent the problems of excluding wear and tear in the compressed air system, all air compressors must have a drain valve on the bottom of the air receiver. The drain valve allows water to flow out of the system. Our drains are designed to protect condensate drains against large particles found in condensate. The strainer inside the drain will catch all these large particles. The unit can be shut off from the compressed air system by closing the ball valve, enabling easy and safe work to be carried out on the drain which is installed after the drain without depressurising the complete compressed air system.

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Key Benefits

Safeguards equipment

MZD series drains prevents the effects of corrosion avoiding wear and tear of the compressor

Low life cycle cost

prolongs the life of your air compressor by preventing the compressor from rusting

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Product Features

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