Choosing your air compressor system: what to look out for

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Choosing an industrial air compressor system isn’t something you can do overnight. Making the right choices starts with a detailed assessment of your needs and possibilities. How much compressed air do you require? What is the end goal? When and for how long does your system operate? We’ll discuss all the factors that come into play when selecting your air compressor system in this article.

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What amount of compressed air do you need?

The first question you must ask yourself is: ‘How much compressed air do I need? There are different ways to assess your compressed air needs: 

  • Previous experience, although this is a rather uncertain way of assessing your specific needs

  • Measuring the load of your existing equipment. This is particularly important when your new system is an expansion of your current one

  • Measuring the air consumption of your tools and machines. This is the most accurate way to define your compressed air needs, especially if you take working time and operational cycles into account.

During which operational cycle is the air used?

Do you need continuous airflow? Is there a difference in consumption during the day (or night)? Is there any special equipment that needs more compressed air? 

In case of a continuous airflow, a screw compressor is definitely the best choice for you.


What air quality do you require?

Depending on the air quality you desire, different additional systems might be necessary. This is especially important in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Consider the following options: 

  • Air dryers to make sure your compressed air is dry and free of moisture;

  • Oil filters to remove all remaining oil particles

What kind of pressure do you require?

The compressor is adapted to the piece of equipment that requires a certain working pressure. Compressed air tools are often designed to be supplied with a working pressure of 600 kPa. Compressors normally produce slightly more pressure to compensate for pressure drops. So for instance, when a certain air tool requires 600 kPa, your compressor’s output will be 700 kPa.

How to know what air compressor system you need?

You’ll have to answer every question above before you can start making correct assumptions about the constellation of your air compressor system. Of course, we can help you decide on these matters. We would be glad to assess your situation and assist you in finding the ideal air compressor system for your needs.

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